An Research of the Need for the Children's Expansion of Words and the Cooperation between your Speech and Vocabulary Therapist and the Nursery Practitioner


"Like bread and love, language can be for sharing". (Griffiths 2002)

The following assignment will endeavour to check out the ways that the Speech and Language Therapist may use the nursery practitioner to aid a child's learning.

The assignment will highlight the actual fact that the creation of language can be an essential point for children's holistic learning. Language is a way by which children show their thoughts and understanding (Broadhead 2004). Therefore, the necessity for a delicate intervention from adults who understand children with specialized needs is regarded as an indispensable component of their role.

The assignment will remember to examine the importance of 'multi-disciplinary work'. It'll acknowledge the actual fact that health insurance and education are two large and powerful public companies that have different philosophies of practice, separate personnel training and distinctive means of determining effectiveness. (McCartney 2002)

Furthermore to this, the reader will be produced aware of the actual fact that both services share the same aim - 'ensuring the wellbeing of our kids'. Moreover present government focus on 'joined up pondering' in the public sector (DoH, 1999) ensures that health insurance and education services are being highly encouraged to interact to fulfil these aims. (McCartney 2002)


Humans have a unique capability to communicate through spoken dialect. Learning language is a thing that happens quite effortlessly for almost all of us, from the moment