An Intro to the Essay on this issue of USA Entering the World Battle Two Early

What if the United States had entered early on into World Battle II? If indeed they had

joined forces with Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany would the tragic events

that occurred during those years be written ever sold? From Pearl Harbor

and concentration camps to communism and the Cool BattleВ—its feasible to believe

that some, if not all, of the В“bumps in the highwayВ” could have been

anticipated and prevented? Only if President Roosevelt have been more partial to

Hitler than to leaders of the USSR, France, and Britain, probably history would be

written differently. If Roosevelt had became a member of forces with Hitler, the United

States could have avoided Hitler from attacking the USSR, and perhaps avoided

the attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941. This may have resulted in less world

communism and possibly eliminated likelihood of a Cold War between your States and

the USSR for the forty years after Globe War II.

Look back again to the day of the war's just about all massive encounter. It commenced on the

morning of June 22, 1941, when slightly a lot more than 3 million German troops