An Research of the Totonto Superstar Document "RCMP Seizes BBS, Piracy Expenses Pending"

Recently, The Toronto Star published articles entitled 'RCMP

seizes BBS, piracy expenses pending.' The RCMP include possessed all

computer components owned by the '90 North' bulletin board

program in Montreal, Quebec. The table is accused of allowing

persons the possibility to download (get) professional and beta (or

commercial) software versions. Personally i think that the RCMP should not

charge persons that are associated with computer piracy, because the

pirated software offers valuable possibility to programmers and

users. Also, earnings lost to the large software companies is such

a tiny amount that the effect will not be greatly sensed by them and so

it isn't worth the policing effort necessary to track down the


When pirates distribute the against the law software, you can say

they are helping, than hurting the program companies. By

distributing the software world wide, it generates great

advertisement for the program companies and their items.